For Safe Product for children

Baby One Korea was established at first by those who were determined to make products only for children.
But soon, we felt that just making products for children was lack of something.
And we started to think not only of products, but also of the environmental issues raised around the world in order to make better products for kids.

So, under the motto, “Safe Products for Children, Eco-friendly Products for the World,” we Baby One Korea has been making products for kids..


Eco-friendly Products for the World

And we are continuously trying to develop high-quality products and improve them.

Making a product is just a simple value.
Making a product is just a simple value.
We will make a ceaseless effort to deliver the higher value to our children and others who we all love, with our passion for more safe and eco-friendly products for kids.

Thank you very much.



  • 2016

    - Acquirement of ISO 9001, 14001
    - Acquirement of MAIN-BIZ
    - Advance of Amos Corn into the Hong Kong market
  • 2015

    - Advance of Amos Corn into the Chinese market
    - Entrance of silicon kitchenware into social commerce
    - Moving into the new office building
    - Invention of the Chouchou Ball
  • 2014

    - Advance into the Shanghai(China) market
    - Entrance of Amos Corn into social commerce
    - Development of a new rice scoop design
    - Participation in the ‘Promotional Event of Outstanding
    Korean Products in Zhengzhou
  • 2011

    - Exclusive licensing on the world-first patented baby food storage containers
    - Advance into the Hanoi(Vietnam) market
    - Development of a eco-friendly corn-base rice scoop, heat resistant(up to 100’c)
    - Mass production of baby bath towels out of mass produced PLA(corn thread)
    - Development and mass production of 32 baby/children products using PLA resin
    - Launching of the PLA product brand ‘AMOS CORN’
    - Development and commercialization of ceramic baby bottles
    - Development of eye massager
    - Development and mass production of shower towels using PLA thread
    - Development of the world’s first technology of solidifying activated carbon
  • 2010

    - Foundation of Baby One Korea
    - Launching of the brand Bb
    - Patented technology sharing and utilization with Samgwang Glass Inc. on the development of glass baby bottles with protection rings for crash protection
    - Launching of glass baby bottles through a joint marketing MOU contract with Samgwang Glass Inc.
    - Completion of developing realistic nipples and exclusive licensing with Limstech Inc.
    - Obtained Atopy-free Mark from the Korean Atopy Association corp.
  • 2018

    -Cooperation MOU with China Company "JoinTech"
    -Invention of Baby Urinal helper
    -Advance of BB into the Indonesia Market
    -Established the Baby Cosmetic Factory
  • 2017

    -Acquirement of HIT 500
    -Advance of Amos Corn into the Thailand Market
    -Advance of Amos Corn into the Russia Market
    -Invention of Baby Bottle Dry hanger
  • 2013

    - Invention of a automatic dosing machine
    - Development of the Cypress Millet Pillow
    - Launching of the brand ‘Ange Baby’
    - Production of eco-friendly wet wipes
    - Mass-production Ange Baby crystal containers
    - Opening of our homepage
  • 2012

    - Success of mass producing double-mesh fabric using PLA thread
    - Development of children’s bath balls using cypress
    - Success of developing deodorants using activated carbon
    - (Academic-industrial cooperation with POSTECH) Development of a pregnant women/children’s stick that produces hot/cold alkaline water using natural catalysts
    - Development of a baby food /vegetable chopper
    - Launching of the brand ‘Bio-crystal
    - Development of bio-crystal rattles / baby food tray / sealed containers
    - Development of children/babies’ toys using cypress
    - Development of diaper urine sensors

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