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PPSU 150ML / 260ML

Baby One‘s feeding bottles for infants is made of a safe material, Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), from which Environmental hormones like bisphenol A were proved not to be detected by FDA.
PPSU is a heat-resistant material which can be sterilized with high-temperature because it tolerates heat up to 207 ℃, and also is widely used in the field of medicine.
The cover and cap is also made of the material without environmental hormones, and the silicon nipple is so soft that even a newborn can use it without trouble.
Our qualities paying attention to even a trifle like this.
This is the Spirit of Baby One.



Detachable Assembly

This product is easily detached, so you can wash it without taking pains and use it more hygienically.


Streamlined Body

The product is designed as a streamlined shape so that babies can easily grasp it by hand.


Siliconized Surface

Because the surface of the product is processed with silicon, the nipple can smoothly enter a mouth and tightly nipped between lips without forcing it into the mouth.


PPSU Materials

This material has very excellent heat resistance, and is safe without worry of environmental hormones.

Name Capacity Heat resistance Microwave Medical Liquid Boiling BPA
Babyone PPSU Feeding Bottle 150ML/280ML 180 X
PPSU bottles can be endure long boiling sanitazing and not easily change shape. But long time use can be scratch or change color.

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